Compass Pools

The Russian dealer of Compass Pools, an Australian company that manufactures fiberglass pools.


Create a website for the official representative of Compass Pools in Russia. List all dealers on one website, define the terminology relating to the topic, describe pool features and technologies involved — and do it in a simple and clear way.

Target audience

People who can afford such pools either learn everything there is about pools up to the thickness of the gel coating — or just poke their finger in a picture and say, “This one.” We structured the information on the website in such way that both types of buyers will find appealing and easy to use.

Main page

Right on the main page you can select a pool type, change the color of the gel coating (it changes the perceived color of the water in the pool), and watch how the nozzles of the cleaning system silently push small leaves and other floating partciles into the filter socket.


We supplemented the text with minimalistic icons. Let's stop for a moment and just look at them. Beautiful, aren't they?


We started with detailed pool schematics and reworked them into simple and neat designs. We then prided ourselves on them here.

We adapted the website for mobile devices — as Russians are known to be able to buy a 1,5 million ruble pool via a smartphone.

In the portfolio section we show that the real-life pools look exactly as seen in the catalog pictures. So if you liked someone's pool in the portfolio section, you can order exactly the same for yourself with a single click.

Aleksey Kuzmishev
Tiana Putylina
technical director
Danil Golovizin
Anton Kavytin
Oksana Kadoshnikova
Aleksandr Manzhulov
Ivan Churkin
Sofia Efimova

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