Moreleto is a three-star all inclusive hotel in Anapa. The corporate style of the hotel was developed by our friends — the advertising agency Ruport, and we created websites for the brethren of Moreleto: Democratia, Dacha del Sol, Beton Brut.


To create a site that will show all the categories of rooms, will tell you what ’all inclusive’ includes and predict relax in full swing. To think over a scheme of easy booking for families who have been waiting for a week of lazy recreation at the seaside for the whole year.

Holiday law

The concept of an ideal holiday is: «Sea, summer — all included» and it works on the territory of the hotel. We included all the components of the holiday so that, when hearing the word «holiday», the guests could imagine yellow stripes and blue waves.

At first sight

To view Moreleto from all sides and fall in love with it completely, it is enough to look through several photos: we placed a slider with photos and detailed text description at interior pages. It’s not far to seek.

Book your holiday

The website should address the main issue of the hotel — to increase the reservation. Therefore, the position of the «Make reservation» button does not change from page to page.

Проекция сайта на макбуке Site projection on macbook

With a view on sea and summer

In order to dip the user into the atmosphere of relaxation from the very first second, photographers shot a video on the technical assignment of our designer with the best camera angles of the hotel: a transparent blue pool, a green baize of billiard, melting ice cream...

Plenty of ​​discounts

Holiday is doubly good when you have a discount. We know how to tell about current offers from the first screen: bring them to the homepage. And if there are no discounts, the blue surface of the pool is at the screen display.

Site projection on macbook Site projection on macbook

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Account Manager
Maria Hutro
Production Director
Danil Golovizin
Creative director
Oksana Kadoshnikova
Art director
Mikhail Lifanov
Tiana Putylina
Ksenia Kantsurova
Ilya Biryukov
Sofia Efimova

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