To create a digital promotion concept that would support existing global campaign with the original key message "Conquer your territory".

The project started as a tender in which we participated together with creative agency Red Keds. We wanted to win.
And we did – with the digital promo-game «Battle of the cities».

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Client: KIA Motors Russia

...was also inherited from the global campaign and became a perfect illustration of the main page. It is an image of two predators who live in urban jungle driven by instincts to conquer and defend their territory, to prove their superiority and strength.

And of course you noticed that predators shaped as a maze of bright night streets of never-sleeping cities.

The game is about conquering cities that one can see on the map and defending it from other players’ invasions – by answering questions.
How does it work?
Game’s currency is correct answers on questions.
Every correct answer gives player one action that he can spend on attack or defense by his choice.
There is a limit — 12 questions per twenty-four hours. The lucky guy who owns most cities by the end of the game period gets iPad 3.

The battle plan consists of 74 Russian cities which have KIA dealerships in it.

Conquer the cities by answering the questions. Each correct answer lowers city’s defense rating by 1 and make your victory closer!

The lucky guy who owns most cities by the end of the game period.
Don’t forget to fortify the city you conquered. You can spend correct answers to rise city’s defense rating.

With the beginning of every new day all of your cities will automatically lose several defense points.
And so do the enemies’ cities.

(...and so his new iPad 3)
The game was held in three periods, each lasted one week. Winner declared at the end of each period got iPad 3.

To conquer or fortify the city player should answer the questions. 1 answer = 1 action. There was a limit — 12 questions per twenty-four hours.

Specially for this game we created
577 really unique questions with 3 possible answers to each question.

This amount of questions was necessary for each individual player from one account could go through all three game periods without seeing the question he already answered.

The «Game – Brand» connection was indirect and unobtrusive. Every time the player has given 5 correct answers in a row he has seen the message "Winning series of correct answers", in which he was praised for his erudition and invited to test drive a KIA Sportage limited edition.

Each time the player answered the question incorrectly, he gets an invitation to join the Kia Motors group on Facebook and get a clue.

Clues are designed for the most complex and tricky questions. 8 clue blocks altogether — 3 clues in each one.

Account Manager
Pavel Cherevanin

Senior Art Director
Ilya Sizov

Sergei Chistyakov

UX Strategist
Natalia Naimark


Vladislav Shinkin
Chief Technology Officer
Danil Golovizin
Art Director
Michael Lifanov
Web Developer
Vladislav Burlak
Frontend Developer
Nikolay Marchenko

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