Zhemchuzhina Rossii is one of the biggest
health and recreation complexes
in Russia


We wanted to tell about the wonder land so convincingly
so that not only kids but their parents too would believe in it — after all,
it is parents who make the decision to send their kid to a camp.

Children’s drawings, coloring pages,
crayons and watercolors — the first
designs lacked depth
and didn’t look captivating.


For a seven-year-old, the more images a book has, the better it is.
We decided to excel the expectations of both kids and parents
and designed the website as a pop-up book with animated three-dimensional pictures.

Each page of the website came alive
and got its own feel. Animation and volume
helped the clickable elements stand out
and increased user’s interaction with the website.

Main page

The task of the main page is to engage users
and make them want to learn more about this wonderful place.

The only similar thing about the pages is that each of them is completely different from the others.

Each building of the complex has its culture, traditions, its own menu for every day
and a separate webpage color scheme — a palette for every palate...

Kids like to move around —
and so do our interface elements.

We don't use a tag cloud, but
there are news clouds.

The daily schedule and the weekly
menu are updated regularly.

Each building’s administration
uploads numerous photos
and videos every day.
To help parents
find their kids in this media
all uploads are sorted by
year, album, and camp shift.

Please, please, please, mum!

The priority task of the website is to sell camp vouchers.
We made the purchasing process straightforward and convenient —
both for the user of the website and for the client. Simple application
form, integration with the payment systems, convenient query processing
interface — even a child could buy a voucher!

Never hurts to remind about
the booklet for parents.

The simpler the form,
the better the conversion.

Real feedback from kids as the ultimate
argument in favor of buying
a summer camp voucher.

No child’s play

It took much time and effort to go through plenty of provisional
designs and arrive at the final version.
But that’s how the job goes: another day — another d...elighted child.

Special attention to the little ones

We did extra work on the smallest elements of the website —
icons and pictograms. They have livened the pages
and added a finishing touch to the design.

Here our story ends…
They were happily selling
camp vouchers ever after.


Vladislav Shinkin
Art Director
Michael Lifanov
Chief Technology Officer
Danil Golovizin
Web Developer
Ruslan Bzarov
Backend Developer
Dmitry Demidovich
Frontend Developer
Alexey Lishuta
Sergey Filipchenko

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