A major outdoor advertising company in Adygea and Krasnodar


Aim: to create not just a website, but a handy instrument that allows clients from any city to quickly and accurately place their outdoor ads in Krasnodar and Adygea.

01outdoor website is like a periodic table

It took us much time to design and sort out the website’s set of tools (and see them in our dreams many a time).

But the end result was really worth it: one simple layout copes with all the set tasks.

A standard user sees it as a quick and easy instrument for leasing outdoor surfaces in Krasnodar and Adygea.

An 01outdoor manager can turn the website inside out and use it as a convenient work environment.

An icon worth a thousand words

You may not know the names of different ad formats — and you don’t need to! We carefully designed the website’s icons for easy navigation: if you know how the surface looks like — you can find and lease it.

24/7 lighting of the outdoor surfaces is one of the main selling points of 01outdoor.ru. To emphasize this feature we placed a light switch on the website. Flip it — and the page goes dark. The banner stays illuminated, of course.

Look, mom! I can see our house… and the scrollers!... and the billboards!

A full dossier for every surface

You can read a detailed description of every outdoor surface. A colored photo, a short description and price for each surface.

It’s hard to lease outdoor surfaces… not!

Here’s a simple request form for an outdoor surface. Looks oversimplified, but if you find something missing, our manager will gladly call and clarify any unclear points.

How does the 01outdoor website allow clients from other cities place their ads in Adygea?

Forget dealing with tons of documents, requests and queries.

Forget matching listed addresses of the surfaces with the actual locations on the map. Calculating how far the surface is from the city center — forget that, too.

And no more need to request the photos of surfaces.

A handy work environment

Each 01outdoor.ru manager has an easy-to-use profile on the website.

As soon as the manager receives a request from a client, he or she start making a selection of outdoor surfaces that match the client’s needs.

The manager sees the availability of the surfaces...

...their price and their appearance on the map and on location.

A useful scroller helps sort surfaces by type and quickly find the suitable ones.

As soon as the manager has processed the request, he or she forms a list of the outdoor surfaces that match the client’s request. Prices, addresses and surface features are included. The client can either see the list on the website via a personal link or download it as a separate file.


Account Manager
Elena Vinogradova
Vladislav Shinkin
Chief Technology Officer
Danil Golovizin
Web Developer
Vladislav Burlak
Art Director
Michael Lifanov
Frontend Developer
Nikolay Marchenko

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