“Kuban” is an award-winning professional rugby club in Krasnodar Krai.

A team of strong men who play rugby.

That was a simple concept behind the solution. Large photos. Dark background. Unbeatable men. Pursuing one goal.


Create a website in a new corporate style. Include the full stats about games and players to help media write about new victories. Amaze, inspire and engage new partners and sponsors. And, most importantly, give fans another reason to be proud of their beloved club.

The site looks equally awesome on any mobile device.

History of victories and achievements

Good players never forget their first defeat, their first victory, their second victory, their third victory, their fourth...
We are proud to showcase the history of the club on a special page.

The most ruthless stadium

Simple and clear visuals show what the stadium looks like, and help the fans find it in the city, sit and watch how “Kuban” opponents get smashed.

The standings on the matches page show rugby in numbers and tables: a list of all teams in the cup championship, the number of games played, wins, draws, losses, bonus points and tournament points.

Aleksey Kuzmishev
Tiana Putylina
technical director
Danil Golovizin
Anton Kavytin
Oksana Kadoshnikova
Aleksandr Manzhulov
Ivan Churkin
Sofia Efimova

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