Client: Limpid Pools.

GOAL: The word 'limpid' means 'completely clear and transparent'. This exact description had to apply to the website of the largest pool manufacturer in southern Russia.


To let the images fascinate visitors, and to emphasize the impeccable taste of Limpid Pools specialists, we had to tilt our perspective. Literally.


The logo provided the design element of diagonal lines which resonated in the further work.

The slanted line design can be seen in many forms across all pages of the website.

Working with such high-quality content as the Limpid Pools provided was too easy for us. So we complicated the task — and arrived at non-standard solutions even at the design stage.

One of them is the extremely concise project navigation on the main page.

The company's logo appears between the images and does not attract too much attention.

While placing the geotags on the map in the 'contact us' section, we found that the word 'coordinates' has two O's.

There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and animated gif's.

Here is how we went from the idea to the final product.


Project outline
80 hours
Creative concept
80 hours
100 hours
80 hours
40 hours
10 hours


Production Director
Danil Golovizin
Art Director
Aleksei Kuzmishchev
Chief Executive Officer
Vasya Gomiashvili
Kirill Evdakov
Vladislav Shinkin
Sergey Filipchenko

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