Website of the Kazak FM (Cossack FM) radio station
Client: Kazak FM radio station in Kuban.
Goal: create a website for Kazak FM.

There is a stereotype about Cossacks that they are a merry people in colorful costumes who sign, dance and ride their horses waving their sabers. The website not only agrees with this stereotype, but also beautifully illustrates it.

The chieftain page. In its first version the website had the biggest mustache and great privileges.

Back in the days any conversation among Cossacks began with the words "Have you heard the news?..." and ended only at midnight, being later called a gossip. Now we call it Events and have a separate page for them.


On the About Us page cossacks of the Kazak FM tell about themselves. Here you can find out that “Kazak” is not only a palindrome, but also a radio station.

The Cossacks are an active people, so the Activities page is never empty. There’s always something going on: either singing or celebrating or winning an iPhone for a repost.

The website contains many interesting features. For example, in the Contacts section the feeling of being a Turkish sultan is activated when you start writing a letter.

On each page you can find more than one Cossack and one radio in boots. You can listen to the radio online.

If you leave Cossacks for a long time in the same room, they begin to form groups. But that is not a problem: the Teams page lists them all.




Kirill Evdakov
Production Director
Danil Golovizin
Front-end Developer
Nikolay Marchenko
Сreative Director
Oksana Kadoshnikova
Vladislav Shinkin
Yuliya Plashinova
Account Manager
Elena Vinogradova
Project Manager
Alyona Didenko

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