Beton Brut is a four-star all-inclusive hotel on the coast of Black Sea, in Anapa. It's a real loft project: a team of designers converted an old factory into an ultra modern loft building that can be easily mistaken for a European hotel.

Target audience

People who usually spend their vacation in Europe. They are accustomed to well-designed spaces, high level of service, and they have been saying "Keep the change" without a phrasebook for years. Beton Brut was designed to meet those people’s demands and be as good as European hotels — or even better. Plus you don't need to learn the local language and apply for a visa to spend a vacation in Beton Brut.


The Russian version of the website has headings in English. We did that to emphasize how European-like Beton Brut is.


The awesomeness

Most hotels don’t care much about the looks of their websites because they get most of their booking from hotel aggregators. Beton Brut does care about the looks. That's why its website looks totally awesome.

Mobile first

Most visitors of the website are people who travel frequently. They prefer browsing on mobile devices: at the airport, on a train, in a car, on the couch at home (too lazy to get up and walk to their computer). Desktop or mobile, the website looks great either way.

Телефон Телефон

Three hot days with three hot models

Our videographer/photographer, accompanied by three hot models, spent three days in Beton Brut, living large and capturing "la vie en rose" of the place. The rest of the team enjoyed la vie en office, as usual.

Cool fullscreen video

The videos made by the lucky videographer were placed on the home page. They are clipped by masks, but if you hover a cursor over them, they open in full screen. Creating those few seconds of "Weeeee!" kept our developers busy for a week.

Got questions?

Fancy animations aside, the website's main function is providing information. The information on the website must be exhaustive so that visitors have no further questions and everything is clear. That's why we created a very detailed and user-friendly FAQ section.

"Zolotoi Sait 2016"
(Golden Website 2016)
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