Banks as we know them
aren’t needed today

After its rebranding, the Pervomaiskiy bank took up the challenge
of major reorganization at all levels.
In the first place, the changes affected the priority area
for all financial institutions: communication on the Internet.

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Bank’s only commodity
is its money

All the major banks—not to mention their clients—are often confused by their own marketing sophistication,
unable to distinguish between one offer from another. The first thing we did was saving the users this headache
by redesigning all forms and hiding all internal bank processes from the customer.
At the Pervomaiskiy bank website you’re never bothered with learning names of banking products.

Nothing extra

Taking out a loan, depositing money, getting a credit card.
What else would one want from a bank?

  • A minimum of documents
    and no references.
  • Delivery to your home
    or to work.
  • Discount program.
  • Convenient repayment methods.
  • High returns.
  • Wiring the interest to your card.
  • All deposits are insured.
  • Online registration of credit and debit cards.
  • Delivery to your home or to work.
  • SMS notifications and convenient online banking.

A homepage
that you don’t want to close

In contrast to other banks’ overloaded homepages, the Pervomaiskiy bank homepage
doesn’t make users wander among dozens of buttons and drop-down lists. Even the promotional parts of the page don’t stand in the way of basic navigation.

Help from above

The top panel helps solve all the problems that a client may have, no matter what page he or she is at.

Nothing extra means: “Nothing. Extra.”

The "About us" page contains the things only banks need to know, usually just the Central Bank.
People normally don’t need this information, but omitting it on the website is illegal,
so it is neatly packed in one section.

Small things matter

Tidy icons helped us make page design even neater.

Battle for conversion

Every attempt to fill a form at the website shows whether bank’s advertising budget was spent in vain or not.
We regarded any customer mistakes in filling the forms as our own mistakes
and tried to keep them as few as possible. "Smart" fields of all profiles site help customers deal with any problem
without distracting from filling out the questionnaire.

One does not simply make a website
of a bank

In e-commerce, no project can ever be considered finished. Improving the efficiency is like going up an escalator that moves down: pause for a second — and you’ll find yourself way down. Therefore, immediately after launching the website we started experimenting and ultimately increased the conversion twofold.

Conversion Time

The old website and old brand gradually lost audience,
which was the cause for large-scale rebranding.

Conversion rose, but the growth didn’t meet the expectations.
By launching the new version of the website, we didn’t solve all problems,
but were able to identify the main bottlenecks and focus on them.

Based on data analytics, we made dozens of improvements and greatly changed
the appearance of forms, simplifying them to the bare minimum. The result wasn’t long in coming: after 5 days,
data showed that the new version was much more efficient.

In the second experiment, we tried several variants of the landing page.
Eventually we came up with the optimal design, striking a balance between simplicity and informativeness.

Work on support and development are carried out continuously.

Our collaboration had a domino effect

The work we did has started a series of changes in the bank.
As for us, even after launching the website we still continue testing the buttons
that lead to the bank’s web page from our portfolio — so check ‘em out!


Vasya Gomiashvili
Vladislav Shinkin
Aleksei Kuzmishchev
Chief Technology Officer
Danil Golovizin
Web Developer
Vladislav Burlak
Sergey Filipchenko
Frontend Developer
Alexey Lishuta

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