Advertising campaign for Cosmotheque: "15 years young"

Client: Cosmotheque, legendary chain of fashion stores.

Goal: run a birthday campaign with wide reach spending as little money as possible.

Cosmotheque was turning fifteen. To celebrate that we decided to give out 1,500 rare 15% discount cards and attract attention of everyone: those who craved them, those who thought they were okay, those who never needed them.

On their birthdays, all stores give their customers gifts.
We decided to gift only those who would congratulate Cosmotheque.
In Russia, it is customary to pull person's ears when they become one year older.
We placed a large ear on Cosmotheque website
and a counter next to it.
To get the discount card, you had to pull the ear as many times
as the counter said. You had to pull non-stop.
Then you had to fill in the form, leave a "like" — and voila!

We placed ads in magazines to tell people about the website.
We also used Internet banners and video ads in movie theaters.
Yet most of the cards were given out before the media campaign.
Video ad in movie theaters
Print in a magazine.
T-ear it off.


Front-end Developer
Nikolay Marchenko
Production Director
Danil Golovizin
Vladislav Shinkin
Сreative Director
Oksana Kadoshnikova
Kirill Evdakov
Account Manager
Elena Vinogradova
Chief Executive Officer
Vasya Gomiashvili
Nikanor Yarmin

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